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Schultz Bakery has been the traditional bakery in Hanover, ON for many many years. However, when the new 2014 owners of Tina Artuso and Kathy Ackerman took over, their joint creativity has transformed this little bakery into the talk of the town. All the traditional delicious items of fresher than fresh, bread, buns, pies, tarts, eclairs and incredible DONUTS are here to stay...but with the addition of many more scrumptious pastries and desserts thrown in. A highlight of the bakery is most definitely their cute and often whimsical array of royal icing cookies, done up for any season or occasion. These cookies will leave you wondering whether they are food or ART???

Any of their desserts or cupcakes would be a scrumptious option for any wedding or shower....and the decorated cookies are beyond perfect for party favors of any theme.

Custom cake orders are their speciality, for any occasion, including your special wedding day.

If you have a picture of the idea of what you would like for cake or cookies, you can just email for a no fuss price quote.

Tina and Kathy look forward to assisting you, in making your special day as perfect as possible!!!

Check them out on Facebook at Schultz's Gone Totally Baked.


482  10th Ave.

Hanover, ON.

N4N 2P3

Schultz's Bakery