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Calm Down...Everything Will Be Just Fine!!

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A wedding isn't referred to as a bride's "Big Day" for the size of the wedding cake or the length of her train. Most brides will feel at least a slight twinge of of stress on their wedding day — and that's totally normal. After all, it's one of the most important moments in your life. (No pressure!)

To help calm your nerves before you walk down the aisle, here are six pieces of wisdom from wedding planners.

Have a Drink

Jove Meyer, owne of Brooklyn-based wedding-planning company Jove Meyer Events, suggests that when the pre-wedding nerves kick in, take a sip. "A nice cold glass of white wine or bubbly always helps!" explains Meyer. "It will calm you down and help to make you feel more relaxed, but only one glass and it must be clear liquid." (You don't want to stain that white dress!)

Shake It Off

Take a page out of Taylor Swift's playbook and, as Meyer suggests, "stand up and shake it off!" An impromptu dance party with your bridesmaids not only increases the release of endorphins; it will also set a fun and exciting tone for the rest of your day.