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Welcome to We Are Corked – Urban Winery and Gift Market! Where, we know that planning for your wedding can be both expensive and time-consuming.

Here at We Are Corked, we can assist you in saving both money and time because:

At We Are Corked - Wine making is both economical and as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Select your wine of choice.

2. Add the yeast - this starts the fermentation process.

3. Return 4, 6, or 8 weeks later (depending on the type of wine you have chosen) to bottle your wine and apply your own personalized wine label.

Weddings and details go hand in hand. Let us help you make a wine that is comparable in flavour profile and structure to virtually any one of your favourite commercial wines but for a fraction of the commercial price.  With over 150 different wines to choose from we can find the right fit for you. In addition you can select from one of our 48 styles of labels add your own personalized message or even a picture and you will be proud to serve this wine at your wedding.

We are confident that you will have a great wine making experience.  It is our top priority to make sure that the entire We Are Corked wine experience, from making the wine to drinking it, is both enjoyable and satisfying. Also, to make your wedding wine even more economical, We Are Corked will provide you with a 5% discount on 4 or more batches when made at the same time. Cheers!

How much wine will you need for your wedding dinner? One batch/kit of wine will provide you approximately 30 – 750ML bottles of wine. Each 750ML bottle serves 4 glasses of wine so to determine the number of bottles of wine you will need you can use the equation below:

(the number of Guests minus the number of Non Drinkers) multiplied by 2 glasses of wine per person divided by 4 glasses per (750ML) bottle equals the number of bottles (750ML) required

For Example: A wedding with 200 guests of which 10 are children would result in (200 - 10) X2/4 = 95 (750ML) bottles = 3 batches (90 – 750ML bottles) or 4 batches (120 – 750ML bottles)

The typical wedding dinner requires 4 batches of wine (120 - 750ML bottles) with 2 batches of red wine and 2 batches of white wine. It is always better to have more wine than you think you will need. Extra wine can make excellent gifts, or for providing at both before and after wedding parties and don't forget to save at least one bottle for your first year anniversary!

We look forward to working with you...and making the world a better place one smile at a time.

We are located at 530 10th Street, Hanover, ON N4N1R5. For more information contact us by phone: (519)506-3000; by email: or by visiting us at

We Are Corked will assist you in making high end quality wines from Winexpert/Vineco products. Winexpert/Vineco began producing wine kits over 20 years ago and have consistently won the most awards and medals in the North American's largest wine making competitions! They have entries from all over the world and in fact, wine made from Winexpert/Vineco wine kits have won medals even when competing with wines made from fresh grapes! Winexpert/Vineco is the world's largest manufacturer of premium winemaking kits and is based in Ontario, Canada. Both Winexpert and Vineco is a wholly owned subsidiaries of Andrew Peller Ltd., a major national winery in Canada.