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15 hidden wedding costs you need to know about ASAP

Hidden Wedding CostsWEDDING MAGAZINE

Don't forget to keep money aside in case you come across one of these easily-overlooked wedding expenses...

#1 Your engagement photoshoot

Yes, duh - of course this will cost money. However, you might not realise exactly how much it will cost until you start exploring options! Look for a photographer who will include it as part of a package along with your main wedding photography in order to get the best bargain.

#2 Getting your engagement ring resized

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do - depending on how drastic the resizing needs to be, this will cost you a pretty penny or two.

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fiesta red wedding drinks

Like everything else about your wedding, the drinks you serve should be things you like, but they don’t need to symbolize you or your relationship. I mean, let’s be real—that’s a lot of pressure for a drink. That said, cocktails are delicious! And maybe you want some at your wedding!

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I had an anxiety attack right before my wedding: What it meant, what it didn't, and how to cope

wedding anxietyI did not enjoy wedding planning, for the most part. All of the modern wedding “necessities” seemed totally unnecessary to me. I cut corners wherever possible, saved money at every opportunity, and rarely found myself stressed because I just didn't care about the details. I was getting married to the manI loved, and nothing could ruin that.

About five days before our wedding, however, everything changed. I had a run-of-the-mill stomachache, and a friend said good-naturedly, “Maybe you have the pre-wedding jitters!”

That's when I slowly started to freak out.

Is a wedding anxiety attack the same as cold feet?

I've suffered from anxiety my whole life. When I was five, I was terrified of the the wind. At eight, I worried about the existence of God. At 10, I had my first panic attack and not a clue what was happening to me. I've had phases of compulsive disorder. I've struggled with sleep — worrying that I won't fall asleep, which causes me not to not fall asleep, which causes me to worry all over again the next night. My anxiety is a classic case of the self-fulfilling prophecy.

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In Which Season Should You Get Married?

Season to get Married

Find out what season is best for you to get married in

32 Photos That Prove Your Pet Should Be in Your Wedding

32PhotosPetThinking about incorporating your pet into the wedding festivities? These precious pooches (and a few other animals) are sure to sway you in the right direction. C'mon, how can you resist a puppy ring bearer?

Photo by Town & Country Studios

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